​A Highlight

Soul Light

Oh I have travelled so very far
endured the weight of time,
cried and laughed and lived and loved,
pondered life's divine.

So weary now as darkness looms
with ghostly zephyrs rising,
and storm clouds bruise the leaden sky
from heaven to horizon.

Split thunder peals a warning knell,
then all the world grew still.
A distant seagull's mournful cry
pierced the deadened chill.

With sudden force fierce raging winds
great thunder heads descend
to wash away fate's rock strewn path.
So here the sojourn ends.

Phantom shadows in veils of mist
their silvered secret glowing,
shatters the silent flow of thought,
embraced in a moment of knowing.

Through depths of roiling blackened sky
behold a radiant light.
And in that wondrous, rapturous glow
I felt my Soul take flight.
Vivian Kolotylo

Soul Light


Vivian Kolotylo